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Retirement Planning

As you approach retirement, it is important to consider how your life will change. Retirement planning has significantly evolved in the past few decades, with the State Pension age increasing and fewer people retiring on a final salary pension. 

For many, retirement isn’t about ending your working life but instead slowing down or switching directions, in short, having options. When planning for retirement, it’s equally important to identify what activities you want to do as those that you don’t.

At 4 Financial Planning, we know a thing or two about retirement planning in Bristol and can help to settle any uncertainties.



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So, Why Should I Plan for Retirement?

We are all living longer? But, with longer life comes the need for more robust retirement planning. If you want to ensure a comfortable and secure lifestyle in your golden years, it’s essential that you have a nest egg.. Remember, we might be living longer, but not always in good health. Making sure you’ve planned for that is important too. 

It’s important to plan early, if you’re anything like me you have a dream retirement.  I plan on spending more time with my children and exploring the ports of northern France on a little sailing boat. I dare say sampling a glass of red wine too. 

Forecasts by the institute of actuaries tell us that both men and women can look forward to living longer lives. With life expectancy set to improve drastically, it’s anticipated that men could be living until the age of 89, whilst women are expected to live until 91.

For this reason, never has it been more important to take charge of your financial future.

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But, Do I Need a Financial Planner for Retirement Planning?

Absolutely. Financial advisers, like ourselves, will provide you with expert guidance and ensure that you’re taking all the right steps. It’s been shown that individuals who use a financial adviser have a much clearer view of their retirement goals, and are far more likely to reach them.

Let’s Talk About Retirement Planning

Ready for retirement? Our advisors can help you to get your ducks in a row and make sure that all of your future plans are soundly secured. Allow us to put together the perfect financial roadmap so that you can look forward to – and enjoy.

When to Start Planning for Retirement

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning. The earlier you start the better the chance of your achieving your financial goals. 

Food For Thought:

So How Do I Create a Financial Plan for Retirement

You don’t have to go it alone when creating your financial plan. We’ll work with you every step of the way, tailoring a strategy that takes into account your individual needs and goals for retirement.

By using our cutting-edge cashflow planning software, we can project how your plan is likely to play out over time – giving you peace of mind about achieving success in the long run.

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Our 4 Stage Step to Financial Planning




This meeting is held at our cost. Depending on how much we talk it is likely to last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. This is a two-way process, where we both find out about the other. By the end we should have the answers to some important questions:

  • Why do you think you need a financial planner?
  • Do you actually need one?
  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • What’s going to stop you?
  • And most importantly, do we get on?




We gather hard facts on your whole financial situation, income, expenditure and assets and combine this with softer stuff, like financial goals, retirement plans and how you want to help your kids.

During a second meeting we look at the results, and you’ll get a one-page plan covering the 4 major areas:

  1. What happens if you die? (protection/estate planning)
  2. Are you on track to meet your short-term goals (school/university fees/debt repayment)?
  3. Are you on track to meet your long-term goals (retirement)?
  4. Are you missing anything (tax allowances)?




It may be the case that you get a completely clean bill of health from the X-ray. But, if there are areas which need action, we will make recommendations for improvement.

This could be pensions, investments (such as ISAs), insurance to ensure your loved ones are looked after, or changes to your current investment strategy so it is better aligned to your circumstances.




The minute you walk out of our meeting your plan is out of date. Circumstances change: yours, the financial markets, the economy and tax legislation. That’s why it’s important to review your plan regularly.

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Speak to us about Retirement Planning

Now that we’ve filled you in with all the nitty gritty details, it’s time for the easy part – getting started!

At 4 Financial Planning, we understand that retirement planning can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming process. 

That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of financial planning for retirement so that you can rest assured knowing your future is taken care of. From helping you consolidate your pension through to full-scale financial planning support, we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement Planning (The Serious Stuff)

Contributions to a pension benefit from tax-relief. That can be as much as 62% of your fortunate enough to earn over £100,000 a year. And although you have to pay tax when you withdraw money the first 25% is tax free and most of us earn less in retirement anyway.

Yes, if you’re employed your employer has to contribute to a pension provided you do too. There is no longer a requirement to by an annuity so if you were to die your pension can pass down to your nearest and dearest.

The number of years you plan to retire can depend on many factors. It's important to consider your age, health, and lifestyle when making this decision. A good starting point is to plan for at least 20 years of retirement. This should provide an adequate amount of time to save and invest for your future.

Retirement plans can come in many shapes and sizes. You might be planning on selling your business to fund your retirement, use ISAs or a pension. So yes a pension is a type of retirement plan.

Generally speaking, you can’t withdraw money from your pension until age 55 and with the changes to the state pension age that is likely to increase to 58 depending on your age. It’s important to view a pension as a long-term investment.

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